Fundraising support that your ego needs now - Tara Transform

Fundraising Support That Your NGO Needs Now!

For over 20 years I have worked in and supported NGOs to improve…
12 signs you are your own worst enemy - Tara Transform

12 Signs You Are Your Own Worst Enemy (And How To Become Your Own Best Friend)

I was faced with this question in 2015 when my life fell apart.…
Fundraising Realities - Tara Transform

Fundraising Realities - Be Sustainable... or Die!

Most non-profit organisations (NGOs) in South Africa are struggling…
Is Government in an abusive relationship with entrepreneurs - Tara Transform

Dear Mr President… Is Government in an abusive relationship with Entrepreneurs?

I ask this because what I see happening to these entrepreneurs…
Checklist image - Tara Transform

Fundraising Checklist

Is your organisation ready to undertake fundraising as a means…
african_american_professiona - Tara Transform

Women in Africa

The aim of Ernst & Young in producing this piece of through…
social-media-donate - Tara Transform

Fundraising Proposal

This document contains information about our skills and expertise,…
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Women in Business Infographic

Click here to learn more about the role that women fulfil in…
community - Tara Transform

About Social Impact Investment

Click here to learn more about the components of social impact…
Global Entrepreneurship Index - Tara Transform

GED Index 2018

Click here to access the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Index…